The wigs of today (I call them Hair Solutions) are not your momma’s wigs! The cap construction is built in such a way that after an hour of wearing it, it memorizes the shape of your head and gives you a custom fit (something I’ll get to below); no one will ever know you are wearing a wig. The new caps are also constructed so that they breathe. Unlike the old-style caps, they no longer make you feel . That make a such a huge difference in so many ways for the wearer.

Why is this so important?

Cap construction is especially important when choosing a wig. You need to closely consider your lifestyle, hair style, and comfort. Comfort is the key; if your wig isn’t comfortable you won’t want to wear it. If it’s too tight it will start creeping up on your head and if it’s too loose it will have movement and feel like it could come off at any moment. Additionally, if the crown has extra space it will show. That is where a professional comes in to ensure the right fit for you. There are many ways to adjust the wig for all head shapes, and it is the key to confidence when you wear it.

So, what are the types of caps?

  1. Full machine weft: This is a wig that is stylish and usually has a full bang. It comes in a variety of styles and fabrics.
  2. Lace front: These wigs are made with a hand knotted front and a monofilament part. This means the front can be worn off the face. The lace is custom fitted so that it lays flush with your skin and gives a look of growing right out of your scalp. They come in all fabrics.
  3. Full lace top: This also has a full hand knotted lace front and a hand knoted monofilament top. That way it can be custom fitted and the whole top, no matter where you part it, will give a natural scalp look. It is made in all fabrics.
  4. Full hand knotted cap: This is a luxury wig. It has Swiss lace across the font, a French drawn top with hidden knots, and silicone coated stretch mesh. The silicone stretch creates traction to keep the wig se It has adjustable tabs made of mono material for reducing circumference, anti-slip silicone-lined nape and ear tabs to keep wig in place, and an adjustable elastic band with a flat hook encased in a sleeve of stretch mesh for easy glide. These wigs usually come in the Human Remy hair and can be custom colored.
  • What was it about the custom fit I mentioned earlier?

Depending on your head size you may need your wig sewn to make it smaller, or if your head is a little big you may need your wig cut and then sewn to accommodate your head size. That is the beauty of a custom fit.

To sum it up, there are wigs for every person not matter what your needs are.