Wig Boutique in Parker, Colorado is available for private appointments.  Our Wig Boutique gives you personalized service you can’t find on-line.  Walk-in and see for yourself the quality and service we provide.  You will never feel fake when our innovative lace front wigs looks so real.   Our Wig Boutique in Parker is open. Be the first to try our exclusive collection of both Human Hair wigs and Synthetic lace front wigs and toppers.  We can color match almost anyone.

I didn’t realize how essential it would be to look good even during self isolation of COVID.  How many of you have bangs below your noise, two-tone hair growth, and mullets or afros happening?  The new Corona Virus hair trends for 2020, “Don’t Wig Out”.  I received numerous phone calls requesting wig requests because women couldn’t take it any longer.  Rest assured we immediately started taking orders.

Cover those roots and split ends with our fashionable statement wigs, “I care, so I wear!”  Don’t hesitate, Zoom into a new wig curb side.

The wigs always look good on my clients. The question is, if the client is ready to look better than before? When you add volume to your existing hair I find people get stuck with what they use to have and find it hard to leave with more hair. The real issue is how confident are you? You will leave looking natural, but better. I understand, you don’t want to be judged or questioned. After interviewing many customers what their real fear is, I discovered it’s how will they answer the difficult questions to their, students, co-workers or critical family members.

Questions such as, “What’s different about you?” You can either change the subject or respond with, a lady never reveals her secrets.” Or perhaps respond with a question back, “What looks different to you? Simply explain, you got a new hair style. We don’t have to share our hair secrets. When you get that person that wished she looked as good as you and you find her being opinionated in a negative way the best response is, “I’m happy with it”. Keep it short and simple. Confidence is sexy.

Come by and check out all our new wigs of different lengths, sizes and colors.  Are you ready to look your best?  Call and schedule your free one on one appointment with me today.

www.theloftsalonofparker.com/contact to get directions.