As my adventure in wigs goes on, I keep meeting new clients who tell me that no one has ever told them how to care for their wigs. I just can’t understand how a wig professional could neglect this important point because the better you care for them the longer they last. I firmly believe teaching clients how to care for their wigs to keep them in tip top condition will have them feel that I’ve sold them a good product and they will come back for more.

I hate seeing someone out in a bad wig and am tickled when my clients come in and say someone has said, “I love your hair”. Consequently, if you follow these simple rules your wig will last longer, stay in good condition, and have you looking fantastic.

1. Keep your wig clean! All you need is your bathroom sink and small dollop of shampoo; I like Cleanse by Hair You Wear. It is specifically made for the fabric used in your wig. Fill the bathroom sink with COLD water about half full and add a dime size dollop of shampoo. Submerge your wig with both hands and press it, press it, press it. Do not rub it; it is not a blouse with a stain. Do not soak it; if your wig has any hand knotting the fabric swell and loosen your knots and the hair will start to fall out. Caring for these wigs is all about keeping the integrity of them. Rinse in COLD water.

2. To dry your wig roll it in a hand towel and lightly squeeze. DO NOT WRING IT. Once the excess water is out give it a shake make sure you lightly brush it and hang it on a drying rack. It will dry in about an hour or so. Once dry spray the wig with conditioner; Hair You Wear has one made for the fabric. If you are not going to wear your wig fold it inside out and put it back in the box. Yes, I said put it back in the box. NEVER put it on a Styrofoam head! You want it to fit your head not the Styrofoam head which tends to be very large and will stretch your wig.

3. Always use a wide tooth comb or a wig brush. If you use something other than that you can fray the fabric and the wig is a goner. No one can restore that.

4. If you travel and want to take more than one wig with you, put the spare in a small satin bag. Be sure to pack it tightly because you do not want it rubbing against itself. This can cause it to ball up or fray the fabric.

5. If you are baking and you have your wig on it’s critical that you stand back before opening the oven. This lets the heat out and only then should you look inside.

6. If you are wearing long hair and you are riding in the car or sitting in a chair you always want to swing it over your front shoulder. Doing this will keep the integrity of your hair.

7. I also feel it’s important to give your wig a little spray with conditioner before you put it on. This freshens it up and will help it longer.

8. Wash your wig after every 5 to 10 times of wearing it depending on your activity level.

9. When you are not wearing your wig, be sure to fold it inside out and put her back in her box as I said in #2. This is especially true if you have dogs because they will love your wig as much as you do.

The better you take care of your wigs the longer they will last and the better they will look. Give them a little love. Hopefully these tips will help you and, as always, I’m available if you need help. Have a great hair day every day!