I was out with girlfriends recently and one of them said very boldly, “At a certain age we ALL should cut our hair!” To me, that is not true. What is that “certain” age she referred to? I am getting close to 60 and definitely not cutting my hair short. Our hair is who we are. A friend of mine who died last year was in her 80’s and her hair was still at least shoulder length or longer. It had been long all her life and was very stylish. Additionally, she would have had no idea what to do with short hair. Our hair is who we are, whether we like it short, long, or somewhere in between. We have to feel good about ourselves. We are also not going to wear our hair down our back all one length and parted down the middle; at least I wouldn’t recommend that. There are so many ways to wear your hair keeping you up to date and stylish. The only people who should gage when to cut your hair are you and your stylist, and as long as you feel good and look good that’s how you should wear your hair.

When a client is in my chair, we begin by going over what cut will look good on them and why. Some of the things that I look at when recommending a cut and style include:

Overall body type – Are you tall and thin, short and thin, short and plump, etc.

Hair type – Not everyone has luxurious hair but we all want that illusion; the right cut can help achieve that for you.

Face shape – We all want the perfect oval, so the way your hair frames your face can give you that.

Lifestyle – Everyone is so busy these days and I don’t have a single client who has said, “I want to spend an hour on my hair every morning.”

Sure, there are times when we have a special occasion and want to spend more time on our hair, but mostly we just want something that will look good in under 15 minutes.

Hair cut is an extremely personal thing and we are all different. Consequently, when my clients want a change or someone is in my chair for the first time, these are a few of the things we go over before first.

So, the answer to the lifelong question, “At what age do we cut our hair?” At any age and hopefully every 4 to 8 weeks.