Has it ever occurred to you to buy a wig for fashion rather than function? If not, why not?
Buying wigs for fashion can be more fun than you think! When getting started on this adventure you must keep an open mind. I’ve had some customers pick up a wig and I will be thinking, “no way”. Next thing I know, they’ve put it on and it becomes their new best friend. That’s the great thing about wigs. If you don’t like it you can just take it off and try another. Can’t do that with your real hair.

I’ve even had occasion to try on a wig that is similar to my own hair style and cannot get it off fast enough. Consequently, you really need to come in to the salon to try wigs on since they all have their own fit and style. The way the hair is wefted into the cap creates a loose or fuller feel, and the color, length and bulk can all be customized to suit you and your lifestyle. For example, most wigs come with the fringe too long so it will fit most faces; this way it can be customized for each person. There are also color rings with a multitude of colors to choose from to get just the look you want.

I also love the way everyone on television and movies are wearing wigs and add-ons such as pony tails, clip on bangs, and top pieces that add fullness or cover up roots that may need attention. What about a piece that clips on the back of your head that instantly adds length and fullness? They are a great away to just change up your look with no commitment. There are so many different pieces that I offer it is hard to mention them all.

Everyone seems to have so much hustle and bustle in their lives these days that it’s nice to feel free and to able to make such a change with no commitment. I have talked about lifestyle in other articles and maybe on a day to day bases the thought of dealing with long hair is just too much for someone who is trying to get the kids out of the house or just be at work on time. So, you buy a long wig or a back of the head piece and on date night there you go. What about short hair if you’re not interested in a permanent short cut? Maybe you just love red hair but just do not want to commit to it for an everyday color; not a problem. Or perhaps a purple bob that some jobs would not be too keen on? No problem. With a fun wig on a Friday night, watch out.
Fashion is an open pallet today and a lot of people are adding wigs and hair pieces to their wardrobe. Nothing feels better to me than helping someone find their new look. So, if it is a no commitment change you are looking for there are hundreds of options out there for you!